Shiloh Outdoor Productions
What our Radical Viewers are saying…

“I enjoy your show on the TV and also your web site. Keep up the fun stuff. i entered into the sweepstake “Hunt of a life time…I love hunting!!!”

– Jaime Gonzalez


“My husband and I watched your show, The Radical Hunter yesterday. We really liked it… looking forward to catching more of them.”

– Brenda Alguire


“I just watched the episode where you were hunting with the blind coon hunter. I loved the way he was messing with you. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I replayed it over and have never laughed so hard. What a great show!”

– Joe McCarthy


“From dirt bikes as kids to now watching your show brings me much enjoyment. You are doing a great job. Very well put together show and I will always be a fan…”

– David Mills


” Just wanted to drop you a note and say that The Radical Hunter is a favorite show at my house. I have my DVR set to record every episode and can’t wait to watch them. Keep up the good work guys.. I think your great!!”

– Christina Supak


“You guys rock! Keep up the good work.”

– Nick Hopkins


“The Radical Hunter is a really good hunting show. Great videography, creative editing, and exciting hunting action combine to make a top-end hunting show in a world of mediocrity!”

– Lance Kruger


“Great show. Can’t wait to see more.”

– Patricia York


“The Radical Hunter is a favorite show in our house. We can’t wait for the next episode to find out where the guys are hunting next, and what fun adventures they are going to share with us. 2 thumbs up to the Radical hunter!”

– Joyce Nobles


“My first experience with The Radical Hunter was to watch an old friend doing something he loves. Having said that, the first show was so interesting and exciting that I set the DVR to record all episodes. What a surprise to find that I can now watch it all on The Radical Hunter website! The narration takes me right into the hunt where I can share the excitement of the hunter. Keep them coming!”

– Ila Fawcett


“The Radical Hunter Show is one of the few shows that I DVR; I don’t want to miss an episode!!! Very informative and entertaining.”

– Dieter Kaboth


“I’m not a hunter but I really enjoy the watching the show…keep up the good work.”

– Carol Rickey Ensley


“I saw your show while I was at work it was amazing. Good job!”

– Mary Ann McKinnon


“I really enjoy watching your shows. A very well put together show. Your Pro Tips on the show lets the hunters become more knowledgeable about what to look for when they go out for their hunts. For me I think my favorite shows so far, have been the hog hunt. When Rex missed the shot at the hog. It let everyone see that it’s not all about the killin, but the fun and experience. And the guys in that show really had a good time. The other show is when Rex took his son Cameron hunting white tail deer. It means a lot to get the youth outdoors. Dick also does a great job on showing his love for the black bear hunting. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more of your hunts from around the world. Thanks for the entertainment and yes I AM A RADICAL HUNTER. ”

– ‘Your 1 one Fan,’  Annette Mills