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All about our Radical team…

Genre: Outdoor Hunting
Network: The Pursuit Channel
About: Radical hunters everywhere.
Description: You get up early and stay out late. You’re tough enough for nasty weather and hike the roughest country. You can’t sleep the night before the hunt because of preparation and anticipation. “You” are The Radical Hunter.
Plot Outline: Exciting hunts from around the world.
Schedule: Friday 7:30 p.m. EST, Monday 11:00 a.m. EST, and Wednesday 9:30 a.m. EST
Starring: Dick Scorzafava

Dick Scorzafava
Rex Summerfield

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Steve Savage are you in these woods with a Barky calling these birds to you?? I hope you have at least a 100 guys ready to shoot!!! OMG this is unreal!! ...

Talk about a flock! Awesome footage from The Roost Lodge!

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We eat bear....How about you? What's your favorite game meat? ...

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I'm heading to Africa again this afternoon to hunt Cape Buffalo and Bushbuck. I've been after a monster Bushbuck for over 10 years and just haven't seen the monster yet, but hopefully this trip. Brian Jarry and a couple other friends are traveling with me to the Dark Contenant!! I will be hunting with my good friend Jurie Meyer who owns Jurie Meyer Safaris and we are all looking forward to a great hunt. Several people have asked me where I'm going in Africa and my response was I going far away from far away! Wish us all luck and watch for some awesome pictures. ...

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Cool new Rattle Cage from Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls ...

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