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Genre: Outdoor Hunting
Network: The Pursuit Channel
About: Radical hunters everywhere.
Description: You get up early and stay out late. You’re tough enough for nasty weather and hike the roughest country. You can’t sleep the night before the hunt because of preparation and anticipation. “You” are The Radical Hunter.
Plot Outline: Exciting hunts from around the world.
Schedule: Friday 7:30 p.m. EST, Monday 11:00 a.m. EST, and Wednesday 9:30 a.m. EST
Starring: Dick Scorzafava

Dick Scorzafava
Rex Summerfield

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Here is a suburban ten point buck that our field producer Brian Jarry harvested with his bow yesterday evening at 4:20 pm. He found some fresh rubs 14 yards from his stand so he used his grunt call, bleat call and rattling antlers to lure him into range. Between the HECS suit and the Ozonics running this buck had no idea he was there! We never and I mean never go into the woods to hunt without them! ...

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The Radical Hunter shared Art's 🌈Elk walking towards a rainbow. ...

Video by Jasper Tour Company of an Elk walking towards a rainbow! 🌈 #artstorica #rainbow #elk

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Check out Mathews new bow for 2018 the Triax!! The Quality, Reliability, and over the top new technology build into this new bow game changing. Check them out at your Mathews dealer!! ...

Stealth is Lethal. Experience the TRIAX today at your local authorized retailer. See more at #MathewsTRIAX #StealthIsLethal

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The Radical Hunter shared Thunder Ridge Outfitters's video. ...

Filmed at Thunder Ridge Outfitters this a. M.

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The Radical Hunter shared Tide Apparel's WHAT THE GT. ...

This is the most badass footage you will ever see... Credit - BBC Earth

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