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Genre: Outdoor Hunting
Network: The Pursuit Channel
About: Radical hunters everywhere.
Description: You get up early and stay out late. You’re tough enough for nasty weather and hike the roughest country. You can’t sleep the night before the hunt because of preparation and anticipation. “You” are The Radical Hunter.
Plot Outline: Exciting hunts from around the world.
Schedule: Friday 7:30 p.m. EST, Monday 11:00 a.m. EST, and Wednesday 9:30 a.m. EST
Starring: Dick Scorzafava

Dick Scorzafava
Rex Summerfield

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The Radical Hunter shared Woods 'N Water Magazine's video. ...

GATOR VS. TRUCK - Well I gotta say, I never saw that coming!

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Another Big Bear Down in NC!! Yesterday our crew put the 5th monster bear down. This one is a true monster tipping the certified scales at 640 pounds with almost a 22" green skull. Ashly, Brian Wishall and Danny Jenkins hounds did it again. If you dream about a Big Bear contact Ashley at Adventure Plus Outfitters in NC. ...

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GRAPHIC Trail Cam Pics Show Mature Whitetail Being Eaten Alive by Pack of Coyotes in Canada from Canadian Whitetail. This is what it's like in the real world out there. Show this to the anti-hunters when they say we are cruel hunting to put good organic meat in our freezer!!! ...

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Another Big Bear Down in NC. This is the fourth bear over 400 pounds my buddy Ashley Wishall and our crew have harvested this season already. Ashley shot this 420 pounder yesterday. I've hunted bears all over NA and I have never seen an outfitter consistently take so many big Bears. If your dream is to shot a big bear contact Ashley at Adventure Plus Outfitters and I guarantee you won't be sorry!!! ...

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North Carolina has some of the largest black bears in all of North America and this is a great representative of the quality of bears roaming the woods. If you want a really big bear set your sights on NC. Check out Adventure Plus Outfitters with my friend Ashley Wishall. ...

Black Beauty Would you rather watch a black horse or a black bear?

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